5-Day Meal Plan

$ 175.00

**5-day meal plan includes one of each meal on menu, plus two additional meals to complete your 5-day meal plan or leave blank for Chef's choice.*


Menu for the Week of Monday, October 23rd, 2017



  • Sweet potato, apple and pastured pork sausage hash, egg over easy
  • Roasted sweet potatoes, organic Granny Smith apples, pastured pork sausage, onions, herbs and spices, topped with a pasture-raised egg fried in coconut oil. (367 calories, 33 protein, 14g fat, 37g carbs)

  • Paleo pancake breakfast sandwich, egg, turkey sausage, maple syrup
  • Say hello to your new favorite Paleo pancake breakfast sandwich! Coconut flour pancake “bun” with a maple sage turkey sausage patty, scrambled egg and maple syrup on the side. (326 calories, 32g protein, 9g fat, 27g carbs)

  • Plantain migas with organic turkey chorizo, cilantro, tomatoes
  • Organic turkey seasoned with our chorizo spice blend scrambled with organic eggs, bell peppers, red onion, garlic, cilantro, plantains, lime juice and spices.  Topped with organic cilantro and cherry tomatoes. (355 calories, 35g protein, 8g fat, 30g carbs)


  • Grass-fed beef burger with almond flour bun, caramelized onions, uncured bacon, chipotle mayo, spinach
  • Grass-fed beef burger, topped with caramelized onions, crispy uncured bacon and chipotle mayo. Served on a bed of organic spinach with an almond flour bun. (396 calories, 37g protein, 24g fat, 8g carbs)

  • Spicy buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potato, uncured bacon, green onions
  • Organic roasted chicken simmered with cayenne hot sauce and bone broth, stuffed into a baked sweet potato.  Topped with organic green onions and crispy uncured bacon. (372 calories, 36g protein, 12g fat, 30g carbs)

  • Korean pastured pork tacos, cassava flour tortillas, jalapenos, green onion, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, Sriracha mayo
  • Spicy and sweet Korean inspired pastured pork, cassava flour tortilla, jalapenos, green onions, organic cabbage, carrots and cilantro.  Served with Sriracha mayo. (368 calories, 36g protein, 12g fat, 29g carbs)


  • Grass-fed beef swedish meatballs with bone broth gravy, cauliflower mash, green beans
  • Swedish style meatballs made with grass-fed beef, organic turkey, cauliflower, fresh herbs and spices, simmered in a rich bone broth gravy made with organic coconut milk.  Served with cauliflower mash and green beans. (456 calories, 44g protein, 20g fat, 25g carbs)

  • Organic chicken piccata with creamy lemon-caper sauce, mushrooms, spaghetti squash
  • Thinly sliced organic chicken breast baked with cassava flour, creamy coconut-milk based piccata sauce made with roasted lemons, capers, fresh parsley and bone broth, atop a bed of spaghetti squash.   (411 calories, 40g protein, 21g fat, 11g carbs)

  • Kahlua roasted pastured pork, organic green cabbage, roasted sesame sweet potatoes
  • Pasture raised pork, seasoned with Hawaiian salt and garlic, cooked in a banana leaf and shredded. Served over organic green cabbage and black sesame roasted sweet potatoes. (425 calories, 46g protein, 12g fat, 33g carbs)

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